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Help for Your Snoring

     … Wouldn’t you like some help for your snoring!

One of the first things is to look at your problem and ask yourself, or better yet ask your spouse, significant other, or family members, and see if you are a “minor” snorer, snoring a few time a week and not too loudly, or do you snore every night and snore so loud that the paint is coming off the walls?

If it is the major type, you should see your doctor and make sure that a serious medical condition is not underlying your snoring.

Whether you have done that, or not, the next step is to take a look at yourself and your lifestyle.

* Are you truly an ideal weight for your height? If not it could simply be the excess weight that is causing the snoring. Lose the weight and you will lose your snore.

* Do you sleep on your back? You could start sleeping on your side. A remedy for staying off your back is to sew a sock to the back of your PJ’s, you could just pin it too, and put a small ball in the sock or pocket. A golf ball or even a walnut will make so uncomfortable to sleep on your back, you’ll quickly be staying of it all together.

If you are over weight too, sleeping on your back can even be worse as you have a lot of excess weight around your neck.

* Maybe you just have hay fever, or asthma? Is the pollen count high, or it could be a certain food you are eating? You may just be having allergic response that is causing inflammation of your mucous membranes which in turn will lead to snoring. Ask your partner if your snoring is worse some times than others and see if you can find a link perhaps between a time of year or a food stuff and your snoring.

* Dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, even ice cream can increase the amount of mucous in your system and restricts your airways. You may want to eliminate milk and milk products from your diet for a month to see if your snoring improves.

* If you aren’t exercising already, start exercising. Besides helping with weight loss, if that is a problem, it will help in so many ways, lower your stress levels, open up your air ways, lower blood pressure, make you feel more energetic and just help you sleep better.

There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your day without going to the gym – walking around the block, swimming, taking the stair not the elevator, parking a way back from the store you are going to and walking “all that way”, etc.

It is important, when, especially when carrying excess weight, to get a medical check up and talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise program and to start off slowly building up frequency and duration of exercise sessions as you lose the weight and achieve higher levels of fitness.

* The following are a number of very specific exercises that I have next to my bed and I do the different ones whenever I can –

In a very controlled manner, slowly open and close your mouth to its full extent. Make sure your lips meet when closing.

Pucker up as if to blow a kiss and hold for 5 seconds before relaxing.

Practice smiling, make it big, generous and exaggerated. Once again hold the position for 5 seconds before relaxing.

Press your lips tightly together and hold for 5 seconds before relaxing.

Press your lips firmly and then pretend to sip a drink making a sipping noise.

Stick your tongue right out. Keep it straight and horizontal, don’t allow any drooping.

With your tongue sticking right out move it from side to side making it reach each corner of your lips.

Practice reaching for your chin with the tip of your tongue.

Practice reaching for the tip of your nose with your tongue.

Hold a spoon against your sticking out tongue and exert pressure as if to push the tongue back into the mouth. Resist the pressure with the tongue – push back against the spoon.

Say ‘Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma’ as quickly as possible being sure to pronounce both letters.

Say ‘‘La-La-La-La’ as quickly as possible being sure to pronounce both letters.

Say ‘Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka’ as quickly as possible being sure to pronounce both letters.

Say ‘Kala-Kala-Kala-Kala’ as quickly as possible being sure to pronounce both letters.

Say or sing all of the vowel sounds (A-E-I-O-U) as loudly as you can.

Overcome your snoring problem once and for all – get those muscles of the throat jaw and neck firmed and toned and stop the flabbiness blocking your airways.

A Cheaper Alternative To Whitening Your Teeth

     In this day and age when we as a society are becoming more self conscious about our looks and body shape and we think we have done it all then let me tell you that you are not quite up there with the rest of the beautiful people if you have not tried teeth whitening. Yes that is right, having very white teeth is the go these days especially in the U.S, Australian and the U.K. Just look at all the celebrities out there that have a sparkling smile. Not only are they all skinny and wrinkle free they now have the perfect smile to boot.

And fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you view it many of us want to imitate these celebrities. With saying this many manufacturers have realized this fact and have come up with their own form of teeth whitening products to sell to us all consuming customers. These are marketed to us in the form of tooth pastes, gels, strips and so on. And if I were a manufacturer I would fully understand why they would decide to be a part of this lucrative business opportunity.

Making products such as these for reasonable prices definitely does make sense because the other alternative for people to have a brighter set of teeth is to go to their dentist and pay through the roof for the service. Having these alternative products makes it much more affordable for the average person to have the opportunity to sparkle when they smile.

Now whether they are really saving themselves money in the long run is something they will have to work out because I do not really know which is the best procedure in the end. I suppose most people don’t have much option other than to use the tooth pastes and gels as their budget will not allow them to try more expensive ways.

You will find that most tooth paste brands will have a whitening alternative. These can be found in supermarkets and drug stores. They are often a little more expensive than the usual paste but not outrageously so. From most people who I have spoken to that have used these pastes have noticed a difference but not anything really significant. People who have had their teeth whitened at the dentist have had the best results.

Obviously it will depend on how dark your teeth look in the first place and often this is caused by smoking, coffee and medication. If you regularly go to the dentist and have some cleaning done you may not need to have major whitening done at all. Visiting your dentist regularly is also the best way to keep your dental hygiene at a high level.

Healthy Diet Foods – Lose Weight, Gain Health

     In the quest to fight the battle of the bulge and halt expanding waistlines, individuals are wading through fad diets and gimmicks in search of legitimate healthy diet foods .

These foods do exist and will not only trim your waist, they can potentially add years to your life.

Instead of looking to lose weight, drop dress sizes, and obtain near stick-figure like proportions seen on stars and celebrities, focus instead of healthy eating and living.

When you ditch fad diets and flush the diet pills, you are making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle-the perk of losing weight is merely a benefit.

* What To Eat *

Many individuals find themselves wondering exactly what healthy diet foods are and were to purchase them on the retail market.

Instead of reaching for those boxes, canned, bottled, or packaged foods and beverages marked diet, look to the produce aisles instead.

One great trick is to stick to the outside aisles of your local grocery store. These aisles contain the basics: meat, fruit, vegetables, and dairy.

When you make the effort to purchase and consume fresh, natural foods, you eliminate any extra ingredients in your diet. Your body thrives off vitamins and minerals found in these fresh foods.

Likewise, your body tends to be disappointed with preservatives and empty calories found in foods that list ingredients too difficult to pronounce.

* Fresh Is Best *

Fresh foods are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals, but those precious ingredients slip away when cooked. Vitamins break down and minerals disappear, leaving you with a soggy mess of watered down nutrition.

Instead of cooking your fruits and veggies, consider eating them raw.

Chowing down on raw broccoli instead of wilted cooked broccoli will allow you to convert your calories into something that is beneficial for your body.

Also, cooked fruits and vegetables tend to have other additives, including cheese, salt, and butter-all of which can add to your increasing waistline.

* Lean And Mean *

When choosing meats to cook, you should look to the leanest cuts available.

Remember that fat should be avoided and strive to cut off any excess fat from the meat you purchase before cooking.

Also, avoid adding extra fats into the mix. Instead of frying meats, consider grilling them instead, since no fat is needed and grilled meat has a wonderful, succulent taste.

You may want to consider experimenting with different types of meat as well.

For example, substitute ground chicken or even turkey for ground beef, as both of these meats are much leaner and lower in fat.

If you have a hankering for red meat, turn to bison, which has long been touted as the other red meat that is healthier than even poultry.

Other meats include game, such as venison, which is incredibly lean while still being enjoyable to the palate.

* Turn To The Sea *

Most individuals rarely include seafood in their weekly menus, but if you are looking for healthy fare that is tasty, turn to fish.

There is a huge variety of fish available to you, but consider looking to fish that are high in the Omega-3 oil.

This oil is beneficial to your heart in addition to other parts of your body and is frequently found in fish like tuna. Avoid fish like swordfish, which is heavy and has a concentration of mercury.

Instead, choose lean fishes and consider grilling, steaming, or baking fish instead of frying.

By facilitating your weight loss plan with healthy, wholesome food, you are making an effort to not only change your waistline, but also your life.

Learning healthy eating habits is just like learning anything else.

In addition to setting yourself on the path to healthy eating, include your family as well.

Studies have shown that children who are fed healthy foods from the start grow up to be healthier adults.

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